Which kitchen tools you should use for a healthy life

Which kitchen tools you should use for a healthy life

We have plenty of tools in our kitchen and yes we love to use it. But do you know which kitchen tools are more healthy in our life?

Upgrading healthy kitchen tools can improve our health including you can keep your family healthy too.

So what is that healthy kitchen tools I'm talking about?

Today I'm covering some important kitchen tools which are really important not only for you it is also important for your family too.

It is really more important for health and fitness. If these tools are available in your kitchen then you will never get any diseases, you will never get any health issue related to weight loss and you will feel more healthy.

All in your family will be more healthy. Using this equipment is more necessary here. And it is also more important to use these tools properly too.

Yes, anyone can do this your mom your dad your sister brother anyone can do it. So which are those kitchen tools you should use for a healthy life.

Before that why it is important in your kitchen tools? Why you need it? and all the details I will cover in this article.

A) Grill


Well, who doesn't love to eat grill chicken, grilled cheese, grilled fish? Under the fitness life if you want to gain weight lose weight or you want to become more healthy then grilled food will be more beneficial for you.

Including you can take grill onions, Capsicum, tomatoes, and many more vegetables too. It's easy to use.

B) Blender


Blender which is used to blend fruits especially. Smoothies shake,  Milkshake, Protein shakes you can use a blender for it.

This blender is not for you only its for your family too. You can take Milk, Banana, Peanut Butter and you can make a beautiful banana shake.

On summer season you can use this as a mango shake. So you can use this and you can create many things and enjoy living a healthy life.

When you are hungry and you want to drink something then you make a shake by inserting an ice cube in it. Well, this is a great idea I use it to enjoy living healthy.

The good thing is you don't need to add oil in the blender. It's all the natural food like peanut butter, adding synemin powder adding milk that's it.

It can also help you to build smoothies which are quite awesome for your family too. You can drink this too and also add whey protein too.

You may also add oats and also follow your muscle gain goals too. 

C) Juicer


Now you can make juice and drink it. Now the difference between smoothies and juice is that this as all in fiber in there. This will extract the fiber.

You can't make juice of banana or berries so what you gonna do. Here you gonna use juicer.

You can make a juice of vegetable fruits like oranges. There are vitamin and minerals present in the juice.

Mostly juice is loaded with micronutrients which goes till your skin too. In today's busy life, we cant take such integrates into our body mostly fruits.

So juicer will give you all the vegetables and fruits quickly which will give you more taste too. Now I'm not talking here to those juice which you add sugar or salt.

Never add sugar or salt in your juice if you want proper results in fitness.

Juicing will help you to detox the body. If you have eyesight problem liver problem or any digestion problem or pancreas problem juicing will help you beat this thing.

Juicing will give your body more nutrients and also don't take any more time to digest in your stomach because there is no fiber.

D) Measurement Cup

Measurement Cup

Yes, measurement cup. You can measurement rice if I'm saying or any other dietitian or nutritionist or you are following any program you may see its written half cup or two cups.

So how you gonna measure it. It's simple by measurement cup. If you have to eat a little bit of pasta or you have to take oats or you have to take half a cup of rice or let say to take one cup of milk then how you gonna do it.

So one cup of milk is not milk that you take tea. That cup is a measurement cup. 

Measurement cup helps your food intake accurately.

When you want to achieve a certain goal then instead of eating blindly take a measurement cup and measure it.

E) Measurement Spoon

Measurement Spoon

It also plays very important in healthy living. We measure oil, salt, sugar. But if you are using such things without measurement then you are inviting health problem in your life.

You may see your weight gain but including with it, you may see health problem with that too.

If I talk about teaspoon which is 5gram or tablespoon which is 15 gram. So 5 gram means only 5 gram, not 7 gram.

When it said you only 1 teaspoon that's how you should follow it. It's very important and if you fail to measure it's very bad for your health so take it carefully.

What you can measure in measurement cup?

  1. Rice
  2. Oats
  3. Cereals
  4. Milk
  5. Veggies

What you can measure in measurement spoon?

  1. Oil
  2. Peanut Butter
  3. Sugar
  4. Salt

Now most important if you find these tools in your home and you are not using it then it's a really wrong investment.

In India, as I see in most people house juicer and grill is mostly missing. 90% of people don't use juicer and grill at all only 10% of people use because they know the importance of it.

Now people who love fitness and daily go to the gym are already using such tools for their healthy lifestyle.

Now I have to say one thing to you all guys that if you have set any goal in fitness or bodybuilding you all may have a role model in your life where you want to be like him or her.

But if you want to be like him or her you have to add those tools in your kitchen to improve your health and fitness.

Because those tools are also used by your role models. Even professional bodybuilders athletes fitness models every one uses it.

So are you ready to upgrade your kitchen tools?

If yes then let me know in the comment box.

If you love this article or if you find helpful then share with your friends or loved ones who need such a thing to improve their fitness.

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