What is cheat meal | Cheat meal | What should I eat | is it Important

What is cheat meal | Cheat meal | What should I eat | is it Important

Wow, that burger is really awesome. Wait shall I eat that burger.

No, I'm on diet I can't cheat myself or diet.
Do you have such questions in your mind regarding this?

Then here I'm to share something about cheat meal.

Today in Makemylifebetter now I'm gonna help you to share something regarding cheat meal and how can it effect to health.

I'm gonna cover everything regarding from eating to the importance of cheat meal.

Make sure you read the whole article if you want to learn about cheat meal.

What is a cheat meal?

Cheating in a diet program comprises giving yourself measured, planned permission to temporarily cut those strict diet habits which you follow.

As the signs mean, a cheat meal is a free meal that turns from your planned diet pattern, while a cheat day permits for free food decisions for an entire day.

Cheat meals for those who have more body fat

Look people who are unfit who are overweight who as more body fat don't ever think of cheat meal.

You don't deserve a cheat meal if you are unfit or you are overweight because you have done more cheats in eating and nutrition. So don't demand of cheat meal.

For that do one thing here eat clean for 4 weeks and then you can consume a cheat meal. Now you will not eat any crazy food.

These are for those who have more body fat percentage and overweight.

Cheat meals for those who have less body fat

Now the good news for you all... you can cheat after weeks per month.

The example I mean suppose if there is July running right now then you can cheat after 15 days starting from 1 July. 

Now important here is you will not make a cheat meal for the whole day. You have to make a cheat meal only 1 cheat meal in a day.

Now some of may have lunch dinner and mostly I recommend you to cheat one time in dinner.

Now during this day, you can go out with your friends your loved one's partner and kids depends on your status.

We go to pub parties ceremony anywhere and mostly there we cheat our meal.

And you know that we consume more food like which has more sugar and this all foods does not have any more nutrition.

So this is not any health friendly food. So definitely weekends are best for you to cheat Saturday or Sunday.

What should I eat during a cheat day?

In this meal, you can eat high sugar like I mean pizza. I know many of you love that pizza.

But wait I don't mean that you have to eat a whole pizza. You have to eat an only 2-3 slice.

If you are moving or thinking or have a goal in mind for fitness then it will harm your body and you have to take care of that and ask your self is it really affecting your fitness goals.

So it's up to your decision. So again here you have to keep the quantity less here. Just you have to taste it so it will make your brain happy.

This means that everything starts with the brain-mind. Here its works like this way for controlling it you have to make your brain happy just by taking a 2-3 slice as I mentioned before.

Your body will suffer but brain what about it. Suppose you ate that slice of pizza and that signal goes to your brain and brain will realize what you had eaten and then what boom you get happy.

See you are listening to your brain.

So here again when you talk about fitness you have to listen to your body. Yes, body not the brain. The brain has more demands and says you hahaha come on let's eat that food which is salty and has sugar. And your body suffers after that.

So pay attention and dont make your body to suffer. So just feed your brain little bit so the brain can be happy right.

So control your brain everything is right there. Your strength your focus your goals your achievements your success is right inside your brain.

Brain the most powerful muscle in your whole body and also the most dangerous muscle in your body.

It's powerful dangerous and after all, it depends on you how to use it.

Anyway, in a cheat meal, you can eat 2-3 slice of pizza or aloo paratha, chole bhature, ice cream, chocolate or burger.

You can eat any of one meal or you can consume buttery food in the evening. Just make sure you eat according to fitness level only.

Is a cheat meal important?

No. I don't think so. A cheat meal is not more necessary at all. We eat a cheat meal to boost metabolism.

Because on more time remaining on a lean diet can make our metabolism slow and it gets reduced.

So when you eat cheat meal you boost up your metabolism. Doing that your body will produce good results too.

So metabolism is one type of engine in your body which burns your calories. Like our cars and bikes have diesel or petrol to burn it.

So when it becomes slow it will not burn your calories

So you had a cheat meal to boost your metabolism. So if you add cheat meal daily then it will become a big problem for you. It will reduce your metabolism.

So definitely you can cheat your meal according to your goals, according to your body fat percentage and according to your weight.

So mine is not any fixed time. I keep my body an entire year fit. And for my brain to make happy I add a cheat meal.

So again it is not necessary if you want to try it then you can try it one time in week two or two times a month according to your fitness goals.

So what you have thought of cheat meal?

Are you gonna try it then let me know in the comment section.

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