Meditation | How to meditate | Meditation techniques

Meditation | How to meditate | Meditation techniques

Meditation who don't love to do it and yes some people hate too.

But I'm worried about those people who hate. Meditation is very important and it is always good for health.

Doing Meditation daily makes you more healthy and improve your life too and provide you more benefits too.

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Now today in Makemylifebetternow I'm gonna share some meditation techniques and why meditation is important and how to meditate?

Following these techniques, you can improve your life and live life more healthy too.

Are you ready to meditate...

Let's start with the Importance of meditation

Why Meditation Is Important?

For that, I'm gonna share the short story of a lion how he changed and become brave and found peace...

One lion was roaming alone in the jungle. His mother died during giving birth to him. And the small girl who seen that lion and then she bought her at home.

Then she kept that lion with a goat. She given that lion a goats milk. Now that lion started eating grass like a goat and slowly that lion started feeling like he is a goat.

Then one-day lion became big and gone for walk at the jungle and he lost in the jungle. And now he saw a wolf coming towards him.

Now the lion gets worried and started running after seeing a wolf. Then while running lion gets surprised why wolf started running by seeing me and the lion started thinking about it.

He started thinking that wherever I go why everyone scared of me. Now the lion gets a confident slowly and he becomes brave.

Then the lion saw some different lions roaming in the jungle and he saw that they are eating other animals meat.

After seeing other lion eating suddenly he got feeling and said to himself "Well, I also have to try like it".

As he started eating meat and suddenly he started feeling more powerful and said himself, "I should hunt more".

Now he becomes more powerful and brave and he found himself a peace.

Now like lion your basic nature is to always stay brave and in peace too.

Like that lion, society thought you to become like a goat. They have programmed your brain to become like it.

Now let's go back in your childhood days. Here you have been thought that you have to bring good marks and you have to earn more money.

You have to be good looking blah blah blah. Then only you will be happy.

But the real truth of your soal's basic nature is peace. And Today we gonna learn this in this article.

Now I'm not telling you that earning more money and achieving big things are bad. I too love to achieve those things.

But you don't wanna think like achieving this thing will make you happier or you will get peace.

What you are goals are you have to set it and start moving on it as it is.

But while doing this too you have to also start increasing inner peace by using meditation.

Because of this meditation is more important here...

How to Meditate

Now before starting meditation, you have to pay attention to your posture first because in which asan you sit is more important.

Once you apply a correct posture then you have to make a point that you have to sit like a stone in the statue mode.

By doing this you will increase your concentration. If you are new in meditation then start with a minimum of 15 minutes and slowly increase your time.

The Best Position For Meditation

  1. Sit in cross-legged.
  2. Make sure your back and legs are straight.
  3. And then take hands in your lap on top of each other.
Now here you don't need to move your eyes. Don't look anywhere. Just close your eyes. Now bring a gentle smile so that your inner peace will boost.

Meditation techniques...

A) Concentrative Meditation

Now this meditation is one of the tough meditation and also one of the powerful meditation too. This meditation will increase your focus.

Once you achieve this meditation then it will be easy for you to achieve all types of meditations. 

Concentrative meditation requires proper posture which is very important here.

For that follow that posture I previously mentioned before and after that don't move. Now you have to concentrate on something.

Now you will say " Where should I start concentrating".

i) Object

Look you can concentrate on any object like for example lets take the stone. Now start concentrating on stone.

Look at the stone. Now the main thing is don't start to think about how it looks or what is the weight of that stone? Just focus on it.

After that slowly close your eyes and start imagining how that stone looks? Now, look at how the brain plays here.

While imagining here your brain starts showing that stone image and slowly it will vanish from your brain.

Then keep imagining this again and repeat that process and it will definitely boost your concentration.

ii) Breathing

Here you have to only focus on breathing only. Pay attention to how you actually inhale and how you exhale.

iii) Sound

Here you can play any soft music and start focusing on it. You can pause it and then try to start listing inside your brain.

iv) Emptiness

This technique is a little hard to do but you can try it. Here you have to focus on an empty place of your brain. But if you try to do it then it will be too useful for it.

B) Contemplative Meditation

Here it's not important about your posture but this helps you more. This meditation will help you to understand your real nature.

By doing this type of meditation you can understand your soal. Here when you sit and start doing contemplative meditation you just need to as a question to yourself.

Now, what is that question you need to ask yourself?

Ask yourself "Who I'm I?".

Now according to this meditation, you need to remove those labels of what your society has thought you that your this and that.

Now, intended of saying I'm a student or I'm a doctor or I'm Engineer say I'm eternal and beyond.

By doing this you will kill your ego and make you more focused on what you set your goals.

C) Mindful Meditation

Does anything happen with you like this that you are going home from school or from the office and suddenly you reach home and you don't know how you reached?

You know that you are traveling through bus or metro or auto or bike but you are too busy in your own thoughts that you know how you reached home.

This is called the mindlessness. And around the world, many people are in this state. Mindful meditation is totally opposite of this.

Good news is that for this meditation you don't require to sit in posture. Here you can meditate at any time.

The goal of this meditation is you have to ask yourself a question "What am I doing right now?".

For Eg What are you doing right now? You are reading my article right good. You can read my article even more mindfully.

Or you can focus and concentrate on my article to the end. Then after reading this article some of you may go walking or eating food. Depends on you what is your task what you do.

If you go for walk ask yourself where should I go for a walk? I'm going to the park to walk in.

 What I'm seeing I'm seeing children are playing with each other. Birds are sitting on trees and singing.

This is the eg to ask and be aware. And by doing this you will be more aware of every moment.

And you will see the thing more mindfully. This meditation will help you to release your stress.

And the most benefit of this meditation is that you don't require to make a separate time.
You can do it anywhere at any time.

D) Observant Meditation

If you are having an overthinking problem then you can use this meditation. Sit down for meditation in posture close your eyes.

Now let that overthinking thought come. Now, observe that each thought carefully. Here in this meditation, you have to only observe.

You don't need to think about that thought anymore. And don't think where that thought came from?
You just need to meditate on your thoughts.

Now let's take an example. Suppose there is a thought in your mind that this room is hot. Now here don't entertain the thought that thought. It will come and go. Don't focus on that.

This meditation is not to focus on the thought. It's just to observe the thought and let it go. Here we are the only observer in this meditation.

E) Spirited Meditation

Now you may have seen this type of meditation in traditions like people dance with music and they come in a meditative state.

Osho has done this type of meditation more popular and he called it "Dynamic meditation".

This type of things you may also find in Sufi tradition. It is a basic way to start.

To start you need music to play for a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes. So music must have these three type of energies like first it must be slow buildup.

Second, it must be fast-paced and third it must be coming down.

Now you can make this into 4 stages.

(i) Building Stage

Here what you want to do play slow music and move your body with it like and feel like you are moving in the air.

You can think anything at this stage and just move your body slowly and enjoy.

(ii) Release Stage

Here is the opposite. You can jump dance do anything move body fast and release your body.

(iii) Let Go Stage

Now here bring your energy down and move slowly and focus on the present moment.

(iv) Rest Stage

Here you have to close your eyes and just relax.

This is the types of meditation you need to do. But don't forget to help other people. Always be truthful and have gratitude.

If you don't follow those steps and if you don't find these things in yourself then your meditation is incomplete.

It is very important to do meditate and bring those beautiful qualities inside yourself. So are you ready to meditate?

Comment down which one you love more or share your experience about it.

If you love this article then share with your friends and your loved ones.

Happy Meditation...

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