How to overcome fear | Things to fight with your fears

How to overcome fear | Things to fight with your fears

Fear. It has two expressing "Forget Everything And Run" Plus  "Face Everything And Rise".

Which one you gonna choose guys. Depends on you. Think about it.
Something bad happens when we are feared and its too bad for our health too.

Our body starts getting to sweat more. Our heart bits increases and much more things like negativity popups start coming in mind. It's really bad for our health guys. 

I want to talk about fear and that the feeling of not being good enough.

Because until you can quiet that voice in the back of your head telling you that you can't you won't you shouldn't even try you're never going to achieve greatness blah blah blah.

Today in Makemylifebetternow I'm going to share with you things that I have done to manage my fear because it's still there right I'm still scared.

I still have that voice. But it's learning the tools in order to conquer it and quiet it. That's going to allow you to ultimately achieve greatness.

Everything starts with toxic peoples...You go anywhere they are available everywhere. 

This is one type of virus in our system which makes our system crash by just talking to them.

So how you gonna remove this virus from your system...

A) Move Your Ass From Toxic Relationships

You require to get as far away from people that are bringing you down or those negative nellies.

The people that are keeping you back spiritually emotionally intellectually. Sadly, all people were not created equal too.

Some people completely suck and these toxic people they're the ones that are taking you

It's their negativity. It's then displacing their inability to perform greatness onto you. They don't want you to succeed because your success will mean.

They'll have to look at themselves in the mirror and realize that they suck.

B) Forgive Past Losers 

Losing sucks. I'm just throwing it out there family for the first time sucks really bad. Losing for the second time sucks really bad.

It never feels good to lose but you've got to be willing and strong enough to forgive yourself for screwing things up in the past or not succeeding do not let your past define your future.

Think great was ever accomplished because it was easy and truly I believe that the people that withstand failure also are able to move forward are ultimately going to be the ones they
kick more extra ass than anybody else

C) Surround Yourself With The One Who Values You

Be realistic with yourself or the people that you surround yourself with are especially inspiring.

Are they going places are the people that you value their opinion do they know more than you?

Can they support you get to the next level? I'm not saying that your friends aren't excellent guys. They're a lot of fun they've been there with you and they are solid guys.

I'm not saying that but I am telling you that if you are ever expecting yourself to overcome your trouble your past failures or your position you have got to move through the losers in your life.

D)  Be Powerful And Focus On Yourself

You require to be physically strong you require to work out. Have you heard what David Goggin told? I'm a big fan of David.

He told that "Exercise is one type of medicine for the mind. It assists you to deal with stresses that life is going to throw at you because life will throw at you.

You require to be powerful emotionally if you've got things that you require to deal with that you haven't dealt with from your past.

Do you have a mentor? Go talk to your mentor. Go sit down with the therapist they are a tool to use them including strengthening your mind.

You have got to continually seek information including learn and that is why I absolutely love
Skillshare and much another learning platform.

When you're a Premium Member of Skillshare you have limitless access to like every single class like 28,000 classes.

Who doesn't love to learn and explore new things?

Everything from design to writing to coding or whatever skills you love and many other classes are available. But also like entrepreneurial stuff that I'm like a super fan.

It's called the creation to start turning ideas into high-growth businesses. If you have an idea for a business or you're thinking regarding starting one or in the future you think you might require to start one this.

I like so much regarding Skillshare all of the professors. Professors are people that are truly out there doing experts not just like people that have read about it.

People that have actually done it including they give their secrets plus tips with you because this community is all regarding thriving.

It's all about supporting you achieve great unlike your boy Brian who still exists in his parent's wall but Brian's solid.

Yes, this is the way that you are going to overcome fear including punch those little boys in the back of your head, that's telling you.

You aren't great enough is stop comparing yourself to other peoples. Don't look at their life focus on your life.

Your life your achievements to them including ultimately what happens exactly you start feeling crappy about yourself.

This is one of the causes why I personally limit my exposure to social media I truly don't go on Facebook including Whatsapp.

I don't go on Twitter too enough anymore. It's because of this comparing myself. I don't require to do that because finally I'm happier I'm healthier. When I don't and you will be too.

E) Welcome It Always For Good

Secure it for good and what I mean by this is fear is bad when it prevents you from moving ahead or trying something.

Because you're scared to fail. They either grab fear including twist it around plus use it for good and what I mean by this is now I'm still scared.

But what I'm scared about is another. What I'm scared about now is not trying living a life with regrets for me.

The fear of regret including wishing I tried or thinking about maybe if I would have done is way more dangerous than the fear of failure.

Because failure yes it sucks those huge hairy monsters on manscape nuts but not as bad as not trying at all.

F) And Finally, Hit The Six

I see at life as a cricket game and you've got one bat. 

I've got one you've got one right and you're up their and life is gonna throw you balls and throwing your opportunities all over the place you got to swing the bat.

Sometimes you're gonna bowled sometimes you're gonna hit a ball but once in a while boom you will hit the six if and only if you're brave enough to swing the bat.

That's it you have to follow all things to overcome fear.

Do you have any other ideas to overcome a fear then feel free to comment?

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