How to stop being shy | Overcome shyness

How to stop being shy | Overcome shyness

How do you talk in the presence of hundreds or thousands of people? 

How come you're not shot and the reality is shy.

Is tough right you end up crumbling in your own negative thoughts and dwelling on these thoughts.

As so long that when you're definitely ready to come out including talk to people and not be shy anymore.

You're already home. You know you're thinking about what you could have said or what you should have said two to three hours ago.

When you were out with your friends and I hate that feeling so. 

It's time for you to break free. Break out of your shell and today I'm giving you all the things that you need to stop being shy in any situation.

A) Stop OverThinking

Hey, if you want to stop being shy then stop thinking about how shy you are. The more you think about it the more in your head.

You get you to want to stop thinking about being shy right now because the truth is you're not permanently shy.

It's something that you can change. You're not the shy guy you're just shy in certain occasions and that can easily be changed.

So stop overthinking it. Whether you're out on a date or out with your friends you're just too busy thinking oh man I'm shy what do I do.

I don't know what to say. Then your head is gonna be filled with negative thoughts.

It's exactly the opposite of what you need you to need a clear line of thought. So that you can think about what you're going to say instead of thinking about what your fears are.

B) See Yourself When You Are Shy

Is it only when you're talking to a girl, for example, does it happen in person and on the phone?

These things matter because once you know what causes it you can be ready for it.

It fits with girls then give yourself a pep talk right before you start talking to them.

Or while you're talking to girls think to yourself alright this is what I usually get shy.

And usually when I stop talking so this time I'm doing the opposite.

I'm doing this right because I know that I can do this and then stop thinking about it.

You know this pep talk should be quick. I'm doing this and that's that let's go.

C)  Smile & Talk

Say anything when you're not talking. You're in your head. You're thinking too much.

So break the ice. Be fast don't let dead air fill the conversation. Give out compliments whether it's a girl you're talking to or it's a boss at work.

Everyone loves compliments. All right it's gonna ease the conversation.

It makes them feel good. Just make sure that you're being honest. Okay if you like your boss's shoes or tie then say that you know.

If you think his new car is nice to use that to break the ice and the same for the girl you know talk about her outfit.

Make fun of her in a nice way and make sure that you're smiling while you're doing it.

Get used to talking a lot more than you ever have. I just open your mouth let it out.

Sometimes you're gonna feel stupid for whatever came out of your mouth. But anything is better than nothing.

Once you started doing that. Once you start talking and engaging with the other person you're gonna notice that it's actually not that hard at all. You get used to it.

D) Practice

Okay, get used to being out of your comfort zone. When you're out for dinner with a group of people.

For example, if you're shy you tend to never speak up. You're listening to you're processing the information.

But you keep your thoughts to yourself. Well, guess what that needs to change.

All right so here's what you're gonna do next time you feel shy around a group of people first things first you're gonna increase the sound of your voice.

You're gonna get a little bit louder and that's because usually when you're shy you tend to speak very softly right.

Because a lot of times you don't want other people to hear your conversation. You're talking to that one person and that's it.

You don't want the whole group to chime in but that needs to change. So speak up a little bit louder.

And others will be able to join in on your conversation. And try this one to try to talk to people across the table from you on the other side.

That is a great practice because once you can be comfortable talking to someone across the table from you while everyone is listening then you're gonna feel like a completely different person.

Get used to being outside of your comfort zone and say goodbye to thinking that you're shy.

E) Imagine What You Gonna Say 

Before you even go out and know I'm not saying. You know to write down exactly where you're gonna talk about a script.

You know this is what I'm gonna say at dinner tonight with my friends. That's not gonna work.

I'm saying think of a couple of jokes you know think of what's happening in the world whether it's in sports like maybe the NBA Finals are going on or the news in your community.

Think of things that you can discuss and too comfortable talking about that subject.

It's kind of like presenting something in school. You know you have to study the subject.

So that you can feel comfortable talking about it. So if there's a new iPhone coming out check out the news about it.

And you can bring it up to the group. If you watch that brand movie that just came out last night or whatever last week bring it up you know talk about the plot.

Let them know why you did like it or why you didn't like it. You know once you know the topic well then you're not gonna be shy talking about it or bringing it up.

So study it a little bit before you bring it up and yeah it's gonna take a little bit of practice.

But at the end of the day, all I want you to know is that you can go from being shy quiet and wishing that you weren't to be outspoken to be comfortable around people and confident in all of those situations.

Let me know in the comment section down below what makes you shy alright write it down and work on it.

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