How to reduce stress | Relieve stress

How to reduce stress | Relieve stress

So it is in social media great now we finally have a tool to creep on other people that we have not seen in years.

And we don't have to worry about anybody finding out who gained a lot of weight oh man what is he really hanging out with Jason.

Now think outside of the box. Social media has made it a lot easier to start a business and get known and this comes with a new wave of stress and anxiety.

Right because you're building yourself and then you go on Instagram and then you see all these perfect Instagram people who have these big huge homes and they have these perfect happy relationships.

And they're driving your favorite fast car and somehow they're always jacked and shredded like how does that even work.

And you're sitting there struggling to pour your cereal without screwing up this dress can really affect your life and stop you from getting a good night's sleep.

Because you're constantly worried about looking like a failure to everybody around you and on social media in one year you keep telling yourself to shut up and follow your dreams.

And in the other ear, you keep thinking oh man What if I end up a failure? What is everybody gonna say?

Because they've been telling me I'm gonna fail all along with trusting me I know the feeling.

So in this article, I'm gonna go over some things that you can do to cut down your stress so you can focus your energy on getting things done and defying all odds.

Lets Jumpin...

A) Understand Real Life Vs Social Media Life

So let me know you a little secret here come a little bit closer and open your social media. Now here people aren't posting their real struggles and the real crap that they're dealing with.

When you see that twenty-year-old driving around in your dream Ferrari you don't know the full story maybe they had to take on a bunch of debt to buy that car.

And they're barely making the monthly payments or maybe they had to kill themselves for the last six years just so they could afford that car who knows all you see is them driving the car.

And you know that perfect couple that you admire so much maybe they're only perfect when the cameras.

There are a handful of social media couples that aren't so pleasant to be around when there are no cameras there.

I am not trying to put anybody down I'm just saying you don't see the full story on your side of the screen.

People show you what they need you to see on social media. 

We are all human we all make mistakes and we all have problems that we're dealing with.

So take everything that you see with a grain of salt and don't compare your real life with somebody else's.

B)  See What's Stressing You

All right guys. So I want you to think of this. I want you to write what's stressing you out and then below it ask yourself is there something you can do about it.

Yes or no is it seeing certain people on social media then as much as their hurts go onto?

Instagram and unfollow the people that aren't motivating you and there aren't pushing you to be better.

Is it your so-called friend that keeps telling you and your idea is stupid? And that you're gonna fail.

If so then maybe you should reconsider who you keep around you?

If it's something that you can control then you got to do something about it.

Suffering through the same thing day after day after day is only gonna make you miserable.

Yeah, it's not easy separating yourself from something that you're so used to but good things never grow on comfort zones.

C) Restart your Mind

It's not like restarting the computer and you will get your computer back when it is lagging. By the way but I already told you that mind is everything here.

Have you ever played a Mortal Kombat game with your little brother or sister? And you start beating them and they get so upset that they're losing that they run over to the game menu.

And they hit the restart button in the middle of the game. Just so they can start the game over.

Yeah that's kind of how you want to restart your mind now there's obviously no restart button to life but you can refresh your mind by thinking about nothing.

Everybody has their own way of doing this you can meditate you can do yoga you can work out you can play basketball anything you like.

But do something where you're forced to forget about everything like if you went to the gym and you started playing.

A pickup game of basketball the only thing that's gonna be on your mind is winning the game that you're playing.

And then when you're done your mind feels refreshed because you weren't circling around negative thoughts and now you can look at things with a fresh mind.

Isn't that refreshing guys?

D) Be Busy

Now you've probably heard people say be productive, not busy and that makes sense when you're trying to get more things done.

But if you have a temper really stress in your life and they just need to get through this week. So you can move on and get over everything.

Then yeah it's a better idea to keep yourself busy with whatever. So your mind isn't accumulating all this negative energy.

Eat clean, work on your business, go to the gym, write a blog or just stay later.

I work just to do something. So your mind stays occupied. So this thing that stressing you out can pass so be busy.

E) Be Preventative

Don't use your stress as an apology to be a pig. We can pretty much justify anything to ourselves if we just sprinkle a little bit of sugar on top of it.

It's like when you put yourself on a strict diet and you tell yourself okay I'm not gonna eat out for a month and then oh I just got a text from one of my best friends who's in town for the weekend.

And they want to go out and eat at this really greasy restaurant. So they're gonna be leaving soon. 

So I guess it's okay for me to make an exception today you start off with a small little excuse and then you sprinkle some sugar on top of it.

And you have just justified whatever you want it to do. Oh my god working so hard I'm just so like stressed.

Oh you know and is it like stressed just desserts backward why don't I just eat this whole tub of ice cream so I feel better.

Oh man, that was delicious. Sometimes you need some tough love and that's what I'm here for look life happens.

But don't use that as an excuse to give up on yourself. Pick yourself up and tell yourself you got this.

Go to the gym and keep up with your diet and keep up with the work that you got to do. You owe you. 

Do this for yourself. Excuses make you weak if you just let yourself go and you use your stress as a reason to complain.

And if you be miserable and just not care about yourself then sooner or later you're gonna look at yourself in front of a mirror.

And you're gonna be even more stressed because now you're 20 pounds heavier and you haven't done anything productive in your life.

F) Apply Stress As Fuel

I know this is a lot easier said than done but if you're going through something hard in your life.

Or you're going through a major change. Use it as leverage use your pain and your hurt as a reason to go out and win and defy all odds.

And do big things you don't need the world's approval there are many million excuses for why you can't. But you just need one reason for why you can do it for yourself.

G) Extend Up

All right now close your eyes take a deep breath and count to ten. Get the emotions out and clear your mind then extend up and look at the problem and see how big of a deal it actually is. 

Everybody no matter how reasonable or logical they are can get caught up in their emotions from time to time.

So sometimes you just got to take a breather and extend up to the problem and see how big of a deal this actually will be in your life.

Is this thing gonna bug you five years from now? If not then don't waste more than five minutes bothering about it.

If that's only gonna bother you for the next week don't ruin your life over it.

H) Do Opposite

Remember when you were growing up and your parents would always compare you to your neighbor's friend son who was always so perfect and so smart.

He is so accomplished and so good at everything that he just always made you feel like crap.

Well, don't do that actually try doing the opposite. Go out and give back to people who are less fortunate in your community.

There are people that would love to have your worst days and sometimes we forget how fortunate we actually.

Go out and take a homeless person to dinner or go and volunteer at a shelter or a foster home.

It'll remind you to appreciate all the little things that you have in life and you'll feel good for helping others.

So do you have any other tips to be less stressed?

Comment down in the box and let me know.

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