How to gain weight | Muscle building tips

How to gain weight | Muscle building tips

So you want to build a muscle and some want to gain weight.

Building muscle and gaining weight is simple but you have to change some habits and the way you think.
Habits of deciding to be on time giving time and much more patience.

It takes time to build muscle and gain weight. It's not like one day you go and the second day you see those results.

So today here in MakeMyLifeBetterNow I will share some tips which will help you to get your muscle building and weight gain fast.

Note:- Make sure you read the whole article if you want an instant result.

A) Hit The Gym

Guys, be honest how long have you been thinking about moving to the gym including working out a week come on two months six months a year just think what you'd be like now if you started.

By moving to the gym you gonna work out and after your workout, you will get more hunger.
And that hunger will increase your weight and muscles too when you eat food after work out.

So go run to the gym. It is one of the best ways to gain weight fast. Don't waste time in thinking.

B) Be regular 

See you regularly go to the gym. You get in there. Lift weight and you're gonna get a better body.

It's just a byproduct of being regular. But if you regularly don't go you regularly eat like crap you're going to look like.

C) Stop Comparing With Other

As I see many people start going to the gym and start comparing like his weight is increased why my not.

Look you only compare yourself to you. One of the hugest mistakes you can perform is comparing yourself to other people.

See you have no idea what their genetics are. You have no idea what they're eating. You have no idea how long they've been regular.

So compare yourself to you. When you begin working out take a picture including then every two weeks four weeks six weeks take another picture.

It's a progress picture but you got to get sure you're standing in front of the same year with the same lighting.

You got to get sure you're comparing you to only you. So I suggest one thing in the morning taking a picture.

Because later in the day your body is continuing to look different. After a workout, your body is going to look different but you have to compare yourself to you.

D)  Learn What's Happening To Your Body

It's critical that you understand exactly what is happening with your body. When you're working out all right the only way you're going to understand is by checking your body fat.

Now if you understand how to use one of these things this is a body fat caliper you can do that or you could get something like digital body analyzer.

You can use this every single morning and it not only tells your weight it tells you how much body fat? How much lean muscle mass you have?

The working process is like you got to do is stand on it including it sends like a small electrical current through your body and it can tell you exactly what your lean muscle mass is and how much body fat you have.

E)  Work On the Whole Body

When I first began it was all about the sexy muscles. It was regarding chest. It was regarding biceps.

It was regarding things that you could notice in the mirror that like would get all pumped up. You got to work them all each including every muscle group.

You've got to do them including your legs too. All the muscles you got to be sexy because it's all about symmetry.

F) Focus On Diet & Nutrition

You got to make sure you are eating a sufficient amount of calories. If you're somebody who is thin including skinny a hard gainer whatever you want to call it you surely need the know what your metabolic rate is.

Once you understand what your metabolic rate is either the basic minimum level of calories you require in order to operate.

Then it's all regarding adjusting adding calories to gain muscle either if you want to lose body fat you got to cut them.

But at the end of the day in order to gain muscle you require protein you need amino acids carbohydrates fats you require it all going on including a good solid diet is critical to you getting progress.

G) Workout Only You

So workout yourself as opposed to beginning a program with a friend. Fitness gaining muscle working out as a personal journey.

Look, Buddy, there would be more than happy to support you with the spot or provide you advice.

But I honestly truly believe that if you need to make sure that you are doing well in terms of gaining muscle including working out for the long term it's got to be an internal thing.

It can't be like a group mentality because I've noticed it too many times where one person ends the person like all right I'm not gonna work today I'll wait for my friends.

H) Take Rest 

You've prepared to give your body the proper amount of time. It wants in order to recover. If you're going in like three-four either five times a week including you're lifting the same body part super heavy.

And if you're not giving it enough time to rest you're not giving it the proper either enough nutrition your muscles are just gonna be damage you understand what I'm saying. I'm not able to do what I want to do which is getting bigger including stronger.

The simple way that happens if you've got the three components sort of locked in including dialed in. You need to work then you need the rest and you need nutrition.

I) Change Workouts

You don't need to do the same exact workout every single time you go. If you are doing the related exact thing every single day you go into the gym every single workout every time you work that muscle your body sort of gets adapted and it knows what's happening

So Breaking them down. Rebuilding them bigger including stronger and in my opinion change it is the greatest including last option.

J) Never Give up

If you give up get your ass back up including getting back. Do not stop it gets a habit. Make it a priority including you're gonna change your body is going to change your mind is going to change and your life is going to change.

I promise you if you get your ass to the gym you begin exercising start working out you're going to be amazed at the mindset at the confidence at the way that you feel about yourself beginning here but you're going there and in the process is old packs.

Hope you all enjoyed this article. If you love then share with your friends.

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