How to download youtube video

How to download youtube video

That video is amazing wow I want to download it. I will enjoy it later.

Can I get this video offline?
Hey, their guys are searching to download a youtube video online and thinking of viewing offline then I got you.

Hey, there my name is Aditya and today I'm gonna share some tips regarding youtube video downloading.

Before that, I want to tell you all their some sites and apps which will help you to download youtube videos in any format. Format like high definition 1080p. Or any it supports all format.

So what are those sites and apps...


How to download youtube video

It is one of the popular methods to download youtube videos and music.

It is a video downloader site which provides you to download videos and music from youtube.

Process of Woking

i) After visiting this site you will see in the top left corner a box named "Just insert a link".

ii) And then paste a youtube link in that box and click on the small box [>] near that and process will start.

iii) And then you can select the format of video. It supports many formats like 360p,480p,720p,1080p.

iv) And after clicking that format save that file and enjoy it.

 Note:- You can also go to this site directly by adding (ss) behind word youtube.

E.g:- https:\\\watch....

It will go directly to the site and will download that video by selecting any format you want.

B) IDM (Internet Download Manager)

How to download youtube video

You may hear this word before. It is the best download manager all the time. You can use it for your youtube videos and music. 

It is called IDM too. This download manager is developed by Tonec. It gives you both the freeware version and a paid version.

The free version is the trialware type you can use it for 30 days and after that when the trial period is over you have to pay to Tonec for continue using it.

After that, you have to confirm in the browser extension.

Once you installed this app you can visit youtube and in the top right corner you will see a small dialog box called "Download this video"

How to download youtube video

And when you click this button the download try will show you video details and size of video and type of video.

And you can start downloading video by clicking on it.

C) Tubemate

How to download youtube video

Tubemate is one of the best ways to download youtube videos and music. You can download their app by going to their official website shown in the screenshot.

And download the apk file from the particular server. After downloading this apk install it on your android smartphone and open it.

After opening this app you will directly visit youtube from there and type in youtube search box video or music you want to search.

Then click on the video and on an up you will see Down arrow pointing down in green color which actually downloads this video option click on it.

And after that, it will Parse the video information and show you the size and format of video information and click on the video of any type you want to download for e.g 1080p or 720p, etc.

D) Y2mate

How to download youtube video

Y2mate is most used youtube downloader in the world. It is a youtube downloader which helps like

It works great you have to just go and paste the link of the video in the "Search or paste the link here box". And then click on the Start box.

Now you can see the results as we paste the link and then choose what you want to download.

Here you will get video,mp3, Audio and much more.

After you can click on the download button and start downloading the file which is you want the quality. Quality like 1080p, 720p, 360p, 240p, 144p.

All are available in .mp4 extension. And enjoy the downloading.

This is the best way to download youtube video and music anytime anywhere. Share to your friends if you love this article and help them all.

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