Healthy snacks | Healthy low carb snacks

Healthy snacks | Healthy low carb snacks

Snacks are great. Who doesn't love to eat snacks?

But have you been eating snacks which are unhealthy?
But what if it has more fat and after eating those snacks which have high carbs can harm your body.

Don't worry I have some healthy low carb snacks which will help you get the body in shape plus it has low carb too.

 Today in Makemylifebetternow I have some healthy low carb snacks which will improve your health an nd good things thing is it's fat-free.

Let's see one by one...

A) Parmesan chip 

Now, if you have that savory salty craving these do the trick and the great thing about these.

This is like barely any ingredients Parmesan cheese garlic powder and paprika that is it and then you pop them in the oven for about three to four minutes and you have these by boys a great.

B) Cottage cheese and tomatoes

Put this with salt and pepper. It's passive protein low in fat and low and carb this is definitely a great come home from work school.

Put a bowl of this cut some tomatoes and you have the perfect.

C) Chocolate pudding

Or any kind of pudding I don't know about you. But I have the worst sweet tooth and chocolate pudding it is low in fat low in carbs.

This is a perfect snack if you have that sweet tooth and you're just craving some something bad for you cookies ice cream.

I don't know grabs - pudding it's super easy to make super quick and put it in the refrigerator this is a must to keep in your fridge rater pudding.

D) Tuna salad and cucumbers

This is crazy all this is is a can of tuna. It has a tablespoon of Greek yogurt which has nothing but protein.

And it has either Lema or lime juice whatever you prefer and still mixes it together and it is amazing especially when you cut slices of cucumbers up and you can 

You know kind of use it likes as a disc and dips your cucumber in it.

This is amazing. It's perfect even for like a lunch like a light lunch or like an in between lunch and dinner snack pack.

This protein low fat low carb. This is why this makes this the perfect snack pack.

E) Guacamole 

Pair guacamole with bell peppers that are going to keep it low carbs.

But you know if you're not you know worried about a low card stock definitely you can pair it with some meat fins or you can even put some squash on Louie on toast in this amazing.

But remember we're going to keep it look hard. We're going to go with the bell peppers.

When you cut them up into thin slices and you're going to dip them in guacamole.

Guacamole is super easy to make. It's avocado and kind of whatever else you want to put in it tomatoes onions seasoning.

It's you can kind of play around with it if you want to make it is icy.

If you want to make your miles it's really whatever you want to be put in it but definitely avocado is a wonderful healthy fat snack.

F) Hard-boiled egg

Now the trick to making the perfect hard-boiled egg is to place your eggs in water that is in a pot over the stove.

Once the eggs are in the water you're going to want to turn on the heat once the water starts to boil.

You're going to take the pot off the heat and then cover it for about 15 minutes.

Hard-boiled eggs are a great thing to take with you and to be able to you know to get in your protein while you're away from your house.

So hard-boiled eggs definitely make the list and it's the perfect low carbs.

G) Nuts peanut butter and celery

Now, this is also a great snack if you're having a sweet tooth or if you're craving something crunchy.

Because sometimes I miss that. You know crunchy like texture. So this is definitely going to give you that crunch and that savory sweet flavor.

The reason I love nuts and more is because it is packed with protein.

Take two tablespoons which are around 12 grams of protein.

So not only this is low carb. This is going to also give you the protein that you need throughout the day.

H) Greek yogurt and a protein powder

Now, this is basically pure protein if you get 0% total. There's zero fat there's barely any carbs and there are 23 grams of protein.

This already has a lot of protein about a half scoop of chocolate or me kind of get kind of crazy.

We can do cookie dough protein kind of make it anything you want and then sometimes or even sprinkle a little bit of stevia.

But this is the perfect night snack after you go to the gym late at night.

This is usually my go-to thing Greek yogurt and protein powder and the great thing also about yogurt is you just have mixed anything in it you can do fruit.

You can do granola. You can go nuts. You can kind of play around with it but if you want to keep it very minimal flavorful and packed protein low carb just stick a scoop or half in it.

I) Kale chips

These are super easy to make. It's just kale seasoning which you can use a popcorn seasoning which the popcorn seasoning you may love because it's zero everything.

And then you can also put that stuff on your eggs and on your veggies.

But it's just popcorn seasoning and olive oil. All you do is mix that all together.

Put it in the oven for about 30 to 45 minutes and its ready.

You can stack in your car at work on the go at home on the airplane on a boat on a train just getting anywhere you can snack on.

J) Turkey bacon wrapped chicken

It's turkey bacon so it's low in fat and it's low carb and it's packed with protein.

Spit these in a little plastic bag and take them. These are so easy to make.

You can literally get a chicken breast. Cut it up to wrap your turkey bacon drizzle.

Some either barbecue sauce with chipotle sauce whatever you feel and then in the oven for 400 degrees for 30 minutes.

If you're looking for something that's not going to make you feel sluggish or full or guilty for eating a snack.

Because snacks can really get you. These are perfect snacks most of them are quick easy.
They are minimal ingredients.

So this is the healthy low carb snacks which have low carb try it and tell me in a comment.

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