Health tips | Live healthy | Healthy living

Health tips | Live healthy | Healthy living

Why I'm not healthy. Wait let me go to the internet and check for some healthy tips.

Are you one who is surfing on the internet and worried about your health then you are on the right track...

Here in Makemylifebetter today I will share some basic health tips which will improve your health and makes you feel better.

Make sure you read the whole article for instant results.

Let's get started with water as you know 80% of our body is full of water.

A) Drink water with copper utensils

Medical Sciences is using a very strong interest in copper bacterial-destructive properties. 

There have been several experiments in the last few years including scientists have come to know that water has its own memory.

It masters everything that touches it. Due to its memory of water, we pay attention to how to put it in a vessel.

First, create a habit of eating the right kind of food, then think of fasting.

If you decide to end your desire to eat, then it will harm your body.

If you have the water in the copper vessel for at least four hours or overnight, then it receives some of the properties of copper.

Drink water from a copper vessel. This water is especially good for your liver including generally for your health plus strength.

If the water enters your house with the help of an iron or plastic pipe by rotating a number of turns with high speed.

Then there is a number of a flaw in it. Due to passing through all these movements

But there is strength in the water as well as the ability to get back to its original form.

If you keep this tap of water ignored for an hour, then the blame automatically gets over.

Good news you now many purifiers are developing copper purifiers. Now you can be more healthy.

B) Don't Sleep Just Relax

So what time do you go to sleep, it depends on your lifestyle, yeah, but the point is how many hours of sleep do you need.

It is usually said that one should get eight hours of sleep in the day.

Whatever your body needs are not sleeping, it is a relief If you rest your body all day, if your work.

Your exercise is similar rest for you then you will automatically decrease your sleeping hours.

People want to do everything in stress. I have seen that people are also in stress while walking on the road or park.

Now this sort of exercise will harm you instead of benefits.

Because you are using everything in such a way as if it is fighting a war.

Why do not you walk with ease? Whether it is jogging or anything, why can not it with complete fun and comfort?

So the problem arises, how much sleep does my body require?

It depends on what kind of physical activity you do. You do not have to choose the quantity of food or the hours of sleep.

I have to take so many calories, I have to take so long sleep, all those things are worthless to live life.

The physical work you are preparing today is low, if you have less level then you eat less.

Tomorrow if you have to work extra then you eat more.

Same is the same as sleeping. When your body gets complete comfort, it will rise whether it is at 3AM in the morning or 7AM.

Only take care of one thing is that your body should not wake up on alarm bell. So Once the body relaxes, it should wake itself up.

C) Fasting

There is 1 thing called "Mandal" connected with the natural cycle of the body.

So "Mandal" indicates that every 40 to 48 days the body moves through a particular cycle.

There are 3 days in every cycle in which your body does not require food.

If you become conscious of your body then you yourself will understand that in these days the body does not require food.

On any one of these days, you can live without food.

It also occurs in 11 to 14 days a day when you will not mind eating anything.

You should not eat that day. You must be shocked to understand that even dogs and cats have such awareness.

Hahaha Never mind, they do not eat anything on a particular day.

In fact, they are fully aware of their system. The day the system says that it does not want to be eaten today, that day becomes a day of cleaning for them.

And on that day they do not do anything.

Now there is not very much awareness in you that you can identify those special days.

Then what to do?

Dont worry to repair this problem, the day of Ekadashi was fixed on your own.

So here I guess Ekadashi comes once every 14 days. It means that you cannot eat without a single day every 14 days.

If you can not eat without eating anything or your work is like this, due to which hunger is not in your control including the cultivation needed to stay hungry, May take fruit.

The overall thing is that just be aware of your system.

One more thing guys, if you are frequently used to drinking tea including coffee plus try to keep fast, then you will have a lot of trouble.

There is only one answer to this problem.

If you want to hold fast, firstly, change your eating habits.

Make a habit of eating the right kind of food, then think of fasting.

If you try to end your desire to eat, then it will hurt your body. There is 1 thing very essential that there should not be any power in any situation.

D) Sit Back Including Sit Straight

Now you will say what's the point with this makes healthy.

Look being in the comfort of inner organs is of particular importance. 

There are various aspects to it. At the moment we are considering only one aspect of it.

Most important internal organs in the body are in the chest and abdomen.

These organs are neither hard or tight, nor have they been fixed at any one place with nuts or bolts Hahaha.

All these limbs are loosened including swinging inside a lattice.

These organs can make the most comfort only when you put a habit of having your spine straight and sit.

According to modern ideas, rest is meant to be backed up or downstream. But relaxing in this way, body parts can nevermore be comforted.

I have to take so many calories, I have to take so long sleep, all these things are worthless to live life.

The physical activity you are preparing today is low, if you have less level then you eat less. 

Tomorrow if you have to work more then you eat more

In this state, the physical organ seems not to work as well as they should. 

Especially when you sit on the lighthouse after eating the full meal.

Nowadays, many trips are in the armchair.

If you sit on the comfortable seat of the car including travel for one thousand kilometers, you lose at least three to five months of your life.

This happens because, of continuous sitting in such a posture.

There is such a serious effect on your organs that their capacity to work decreases dramatically or they become very weak.

Keeping the body straight does not mean that we do not like comfort, but its direct reason is that we understand plus realize comfort differently.

You can also habituate your muscles to stay in comfort while keeping your spine straight.

But on the opposite, when your muscles are shaky, you can not keep your limbs in comfort.

There is no other way to relax.

Therefore, it is necessary that we prepare our body in such a way that keeping the spine straight, our body structure including muscles remain in the rest position.

So this is the things which can keep you more healthy...

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Happy Healthy Living...

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