Best free workout apps | Get fit

Best free workout apps | Get fit

I'm going to be talking to you guys about five apps that I use daily to help me stay healthy and fit throughout the year.

I got to tell you so many people take this little piece of technology that they carry in their pocket 24/7 for granted.

I mean who would have thought that a cell phone an actual cell phone could help you with your weight loss goals your fitness goals your nutrition goals.

It's amazing and I think if you're not using your cell phone to help you with your health and fitness goals you're missing out.

There are literally apps that will help you with anything these days. You can help yourself count calories.

You can help yourself know how many calories you burn. You can track how much exercise you're doing on a daily basis.

You can see your weight and how it fluctuates throughout the year.

I'm telling you your phone could be the key to your weight loss and fitness results.

So that's enough rambling let's talk about the apps today. I'm sharing some apps which will help you boost your health get fit to help you in a workout and much more.

A) Chronometer

Best free workout apps | Get fit

So nutrition comes first before exercise before everything else and not that I've been used in for many years now it's called chronometer and then essentially.

What you do is you put in the exact foods that you eat throughout the day and it helps to calculate how many calories you're getting in.

How many carbs fats proteins vitamins minerals all that good stuff it keeps track of it and when you create a profile you can put in all your body details.

You're age how tall you are how much you weight? How active you are? And essentially it'll tell you how many calories you need on a daily basis based on your activity and your size.

You can also set targets for specific nutrients. So if you need to hit an exact amount of let's say protein you can set that exact amount and you can track it daily to see if you're getting it.

It also breaks down your calorie macronutrient ratios. So you can see how many carbs proteins and fats in comparison you are getting daily.

If you're trying to gain weight or lose weight you can set that in the settings whether you want to lose or gain half a pound one pound or two pounds per week and also adjust your calorie intake.

You can also create your own recipes in this app like if you have a recipe book like banana simple vegan recipes.

You can actually put in all the ingredients save it as one recipe that way you don't have to put in the reading it's over and over again.

Best free workout apps | Get fit

You can just type in black bean burger and it'll come up. So this app is really amazing highly recommend you download Android. & ios.

 It actually is for free there is a paid version which gives you more features and access to different kinds of reports.

And the reason why I like chronometers over other nutrition apps like My Fitness Pal is that chronometer actually provides the widest nutrient panel out of any of the other apps.

B) FitBod

Best free workout apps | Get fit

I've been in love with this app ever since I started using it about a year ago. Basically what this app is is a customizable workout app.

You can put in the equipment that is available to you, So if you have a home gym then you have specific equipment laying around.

You can type that in. In addition, you can also put in your fitness goals whether you just want general fitness strength training muscle tone bodybuilding powerlifting Olympic weightlifting.

You can put in the workout duration. You can put it if you want to do body weights only you can do the circuit supersets.

It takes into consideration your fitness experience whether you want to do like an upper lower split whether you want into a full body workout this app is so smart.

It takes into consideration all those factors and it generates a program for you and it really does have like every single lift known to man.

And the cool thing is that it actually knows what muscles are fatigued so, for example, let's say you have leg day on Monday.

When you go and workout on Tuesday it's not gonna give you another leg day because it knows that your legs are on fire and it's gonna give you an upper body most likely.

So if you guys want to check this app out they do have a free trial on their website app.

But I am telling you this app is so great for anyone who's looking to build muscle and build strength in the gym.

C) Strava 

Best free workout apps | Get fit

It is best if you are a cyclist. Strava can track the miles that you've been doing on your bike whether it's indoor whether it's outdoor.

You can also use it if you're a runner. If you're a swimmer. And you can just download it on your phone or hook it up to any GPS computer or watch that you have and start tracking your miles again.

There is a paid version and a free version of Strava. And the cool thing about Strava is that it has a social aspect to it.

So you can follow all your friends. Do what they're doing and it kind of helps you stay motivated.

Keep your friends also accountable and you can also hook up Strava to fit bod. So you can post from fitbod on to your Straub account.

Best free workout apps | Get fit

So your friends can see what you did on fit bod with your weightlifting. And fit bod also takes into consideration what you did on Strava.

So it knows not to give you a leg day when you just row it a hundred miles. Seriously I'm telling you technology is amazing.

And again there is a free version of Strava that you can get as well as a paid one and the paid version essentially gives you access to more features such as looking at your power data.

If you're a cyclist and tracking that over time which I think. It's worth it knowing your power numbers as a cyclist is the most important thing for sure.

But if you're into just general fitness and you're just looking to go outside for a run or a ride the free version should be just fine.

I was on the free version for I think a year or two before. Grab it from their website.

D) Renpho

Best free workout apps | Get fit

This app actually came with a digital scale that can be bought from Amazon. I wanted to start tracking my weight over time and seeing how my body is fluctuating.

Not that numbers are really that important me. Personally, I'm more concerned about my performance but still, I thought it would be interesting.

And so if you get the rental scale in the app you connect them together via Bluetooth and you can track your weight.

It'll tell you your BMI your body fat percentage fat-free body weight subcutaneous fat visceral fat body water percentage skeletal muscle mass bone mass protein BMR metabolic age and really all.

It is is just an interesting way to see how your body is reacting to nutrition and your workouts.

You can also see trends on a weekly monthly or yearly basis and see how your weight or any other parameters are fluctuating.

It is both available for Android user & ios too.

E) Apple Health

Best free workout apps | Get fit

It's an app that comes on your phone already it's called Apple health. Or if you're on Android well I think it depends what Android but it's typically Google fit.

But typically it's whatever free health app that comes on your phone and what you can really do is connect all those health apps to the one health app that comes on your phone.

Once you do that all the health apps start communicating with each other. So your nutrition app takes into consideration how many calories you burn from your fitness app.

That way you know how much more to eat also. As you start losing or gaining weight your nutrition will also know the increase or decrease the number of calories.

It recommends to you as well as all the other nutrients and that is where the magic happens. 

In my opinion and so while I think that listening to your body is a really good thing to do. And when you feel like it's time for you to rest then It's time to rest.

And also if you feel like eating it's time to eat but having this information. Uh, your fingertips literally can be crucial to your success if you want to lose weight gain muscle whatever it is.

And for me personally, it's definitely held me accountable. It's made me more conscious of the choices that I make in the kitchen and in the gym.

And has definitely helped me get closer to my health and fitness results.

If you guys found this article useful then share to all who want to know more about it.

Comment down and let me know how it works for you too if you used one of these apps.

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