My ten tips to increase your strength in gym | Be a superman and sexy in the gym |

My ten tips to increase your strength in gym | Be a superman and sexy in the gym |

Are you feeling lazily tired or drained during a workout then you are at the right place?

All workouts were not created equal the only way you're going to truly change your body is if you go into the gym and you bust your ass I'm assuming your goal when it comes to working out of business is similar to mine to be sexy as hell and the only way you're going to be sexy as hell is if you get your ass in the gym and workout with strength.

In this article, I'm gonna share you ten tips to increase your strength and how to be a superman in the gym.

It doesn't matter if you're trying to lose weight gain weight or just maintain the Greek god body (My favorite). the fact is if you're not challenging your body you are not going to progress.

Let's begin...

A) Keep Some Goal and check results regularly

For me, I find that I am so much strong. I'm so much more focused when I've got a goal what is your goal why are you going to the gym if you're going to lose body fat that's a goal if you want to lose 5 pounds in the next month that is a goal, if you want to put on 10 pounds in the next six weeks that is a goal or maybe your goal is to increase your bench press by 20 pounds your deadlift or your squat whatever it is you've got to have a goal but you also need the tools in order to measure the goal.

B) Workout Only you

You are somebody who works out with a partner with a group of people you are going to be amazed at how much more strong how much more focus rectangle in a shorter window of time now you're like yo how am I going to lift heavy. Only exercise alone, you can help and determine your strength and stamina and hidden powers of how much you cross your limit.

C) Change the gym or join a new one

For me what I have found is that when I work out at a specific fitness at our gym for too long I get comfortable right my workouts start to suffer because I get used to the weights I get used to the people I start talking more it's not as exciting to go I'll do is I'll change gyms and what I find is that when I go to a new gym when I'm surrounded by new people that I don't know new weights new equipment I get so much more strength workouts I have multiple gym memberships. I also belong to workout anytime and I'll rotate from gym the gym and that's the beautiful thing about belonging to a chain you can use multiple locations before is changed at the time of day you're working out me personally my morning workouts are so much more strong than when I go in the evening and try and do something you might be a night time guy morning you want to sleep nighttime you get incredible pumps because all day you've been eating your muscles are full of glucose and glycogen or if you're a lunchtime guy you got to figure out what time of day is going to be most conducive for you for kicking ass.

D) Listen to music

The music it is all about music and what I'm listening to this is the single biggest factor when it comes to strength for me what is the song that makes you want to just freakin like an extra like five or ten reps every time it comes on down. music has the power to live more and sometimes we dont feel lifted but the next day when you wake up you notice the power of music when you see gains.

E) Do a pre-workout

Weights increase your workout strength is a pre-workout my pre-workout is coffee before I go workout I'm having a little bit of caffeine. I have noticed that for me a little bit of coffee pre-workout definitely helps me in the strength department now if you want to take like a regular like pre-workout that's fine just be careful you're not taking it like too late at night or else you're not going to sleep.

F) Drop sets

My favorites use drop sets supersets or circuits you're working out for strength you don't want to do drop sets supersets or circuits but if you're somebody who is just trying to challenge those muscles and get an amazing workout to get them to grow I personally feel the drop set supersets and circuits are incredible in terms of just wearing them out of your muscles drop set is kind of like a reverse pyramid where you start with the most weight you do some reps you take off some weight you do some more reps you take off some weight you do some more reps and that's kind of a drop set a superset is doing an exercise and then doing a different exercise  they're stringing different exercises together for the same muscle group a circuit, on the other hand, is stringing a few different exercises together but you're working different muscles with each exercise so maybe you're going bicep curls right into side raises down into push-ups.

G) Active rest

You're going to increase your strength when you're working out active rest the whole concept behind this is you do your exercise right maybe you're doing bench press and then an active rest might be doing some crunches you're resting the muscle that's working the hardest but you're doing something else you're moving maybe you're jumping rope maybe you're doing hanging leg raises maybe you're doing like whatever it doesn't matter you're doing something so moving to work and doing something burning calories as opposed to just sitting on.

H) Decrease your rest time between sets

Now once again if you are working out for strength this is not what you should be doing by cutting down on the amount that you're resting in between sets you are challenging your muscles in a way that they are not being challenged if you're resting like a minute two minutes three minutes in between sets you're not going to be as strong but you are going to get an insanely intense workout and last but certainly not.

I) Be Motivated

When I'm more motivated I workout more intensely at the gym that's why the first tip is not only to identify what your goals are but figure out a way that you're going to be able to measure that progress it's a super sexy cycle that's going to help you look incredible but most importantly feel amazing.

J) Eat protein cut crap

As I see many folks dont eat protein after a workout they just eat crap food. Your body requires protein around gram protein as per your weight is here is a how-to calculate daily protein intake. Start eating that food which has high in protein.

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