| Motivation to your dreams goals | Chase and trust your dreams | Never give up | You are a champion |

| Motivation to your dreams goals | Chase and trust your dreams | Never give up | You are a champion |
Hey, folks, there are you. Are you unmotivated are you giving up on your dreams are you fail this time.

Are you in stress are you giving up for what you are breathing then this article is for you? And I know that you will never give up after reading this article. Because I believe you gonna make it.

Today in this article I'm gonna motivate you to your dreams to your goals and how you can achieve it and never give up.

So, let's get started...

Into the Motivation to your dreams goals

The first step the first day the first minute okay you're excited you're like gasps I'm gonna do this I'm gonna kick ass right and the next day comes and you're like man this is a little tougher and then you take another step and another step maybe you get to Thursday or Friday and you're like this is pretty hard man all right.

And then what happens is the enthusiasm from the beginning of the process starts to fade out you forgot why you started all you could think about is what's in front of you right now all you could think about is that next grueling step that next terrible workout that you just can't stand anymore you lose sight of the purpose.

You get too much value of what the pain is today if you find a fear the quickest easiest way you can beat it is initially right when it comes in if you allow sitting it will grow roots and start breaking you down just join the potential a person you can be its uphill battle is the path less taken not the beaten path everyone else takes it's a path that leads a character along that road.

You're not gonna see too many friends. go see your shadow most often see the thing is for many people they've tried the same path you're on and they failed you got trust in the heart of hearts inside what you're doing what you believe in is a worthy cause a winnable fight the champions guys it's not the potential is not their genetics.

It's a person there to always show up it's not the title that makes you it's not the success that makes you the character defines the success that binds the theme it's how you look at something if your name's attached to it and you do it right the best of your ability every single time championships aren't won in this theater of the arena they're one than the thousands of hours in the training room the labs in the 5 a.m. 

You are a champion

You start right here and when you start you start right now because the idea isn't gonna execute itself and the book isn't gonna write itself and the weights out in the gym they're not gonna move you have to do it and you have to do it now life happens for it. It happens for you and your opportunities will come to you every day.

It's either for you and you can remain scared of the opportunities or you can embrace them and take getting better isn't or a trick or a one change that you need to make getting better is a campaign it's a daily a weekly it's an hourly fight an incessant fight that doesn't stop against weakness and against temptation and against laziness.

It's a campaign of discipline the campaign of hard work and dedication if you give up on your dreams if you give up on your dreams what do you have left not family if you get a compelling vision and you got strong enough reasons that will push you through the tough times you're gonna do things that the people don't do.

Sacrifice consistency struggle ditch you greatness is not what you capable of is what you willing to do again what is your excuse why are you stopping yourself believe to achieve dream baked-on let anybody talk you'll open your schools it reads you've got to take action you got to ignore everyone else and you've got to love yourself trust yourself listen to yourself and follow your gut.

Never give up

So that's the thing success and failure are a generally slow process. the bottom line is this there are always so many ways you can go about reaching your goal it's all about creativity it's all about kicking ass it's all about doing what you want to do and enjoying how you do it you want to get better you want to self-improve stop looking for a shortcut and go find your alarm clock and find your discipline and flank your guts and your passion and your drive and find that you will if you want to truly become successful.

You have to be willing to pay the price with a hundred percent non-negotiable commitment and you've got to go through a simple process fundamentally to make that progress first step vision that's compelling second step makes sure that they're strong enough reason to follow through you've gotta remember you gotta be willing to work hard you gotta be willing to sacrifice you've gotta be willing to be determined.

If it was easy everybody would be sitting at the mountaintop the beautiful thing about training and eating rice going to the gym working on a goal is there's always something else to shoot for you reach one goal you just make an elephant look at your physical body. 

Chase and trust your dreams

Your physical body today is an absolute reflection of only one thing not your goals not your desires but your standards the identity you have for yourself if your standard is you're an athlete then there's a certain amount of strength a muscle tone and energy that's available in your body on a regular basis because that's who you are and so you do whatever is necessary every decision that you make in your life has impact on on what you're going to be doing five minutes from now maybe it's tomorrow maybe it's next week maybe it's a year maybe it's ten years from now but everything that you decide to do today is going to have an impact on you in the future is it good to take time investing in yourself every single day to learn new things no question guys but when those things consume your life and you don't go out execute on what it is that you need to do and what you want to do you're not going to produce a result

It runs brainy whenever else is sleeping that's when it's won the harbor champion is a light switch that's always on it doesn't go on and off as I was watching its constant fear is self-imposed I mean it doesn't exist you create it you can destroy it too I love feeling who is why behind every fear is a person you want to be you face your fears become the person you want to be you bouncing your fears you're not with your life but not begin the freedom if you face your fears guys here is the story it comes back in his confidence what else might where else my cable walk what else my whole my back.

From now nor what am i running from I don't need to what else can I do overcome you go after and you give it all you have if you lose at least we try I fail it's ten times more of a man than someone said what if because what if never went to the arena and you do it right the best of your ability every single time that's the same person who has his hand raised on the podium one day and the difference between a champion and someone who's forgotten is that champion shows up that's the only thing every day shows up.

Hope you all motivated folks and if you love this article comment below and let me know I will make new motivated article every Monday for you...all.

Love you all...Good Luck!!!

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