How to eat healthy | Feel Awesome

How to eat healthy | Feel Awesome

So, you want to eat healthy right what you try to eat healthy? Have you changed your diet? or Have you ever tried a new recipe ever?

What's up my people my name is Aditya from Makemylifebetternow and today I'm going to share some of my tips on how to start eating healthy.

I have always been a champion of changing everyone lifestyle who asks and some of them got good results too. 

After reading this article you can stay lean also lose weight for the long term.

It can also be daunting especially if you use too fast food. It used to junk food suddenly changing that to fruits vegetables lately can be quite a daunting also in cooking. 

I want to share some of the tips to get you started and remember since it's a lifestyle change take small steps and any steps and before you know those baby steps isn't a big becomes your step if you suddenly just go to join loving me healthy for the rest of your life.

Let's dig in...

A) Focus

Focus on what you can do. So say positive. So what that means is that instead of telling yourself now I'm on diet and I can never eat chocolate. 

I can never more eat cake. Tell yourself that I'm going to start live healthy. And so I want to add one part of the fruit or one vegetable or one cup of water into my daily diet.

When you focus on this you are on the positive because you're thinking about what changes you can do to make a positive change into the house. 

Because the permission I'm leaping on the oldest do that when somebody tells you all your toe itself don't think about elephants what we do we think about our fitness all we can think about so stay positive and think about what you can do okay.

B)  Being Brave

If so what I find that is a lot of times when you be healthy you will stick to a specific type of food. It's kinda like a meal program so the typical ones are chicken breast broccoli brown rice.

I mean for anyone does matter how discipline you are it can give relief really old in you and then what happens is you get tired of your healthy food then you may go back to be drunk.

For real fast, so what I want you to do is the brave in the grocery store in the farmers market always try to look at different types of vegetables to some type of fruit.

This little type early needs or any protein actually or different type of grain so, we have rice yeah quinoa.

So trying to experiment every time you go through your shopping go for shopping. In a supermarket or farmers market try to pick out a fruit or vegetable.

Any of those things that you never seen before and then bring it home as you experiment look up some recipes and cook it. How you like it never know if it becomes favorite food. So make it brave and fun for yourself. 

C) Family Or Couple

Making a family a couple or just a fun event with yourself. What I mean by that is explore new recipes notes. 

See food which will come to recipe maybe pick up a recipe that is healthy. A healthy you can pick it your partner can pick or your kid's can. Oh you have your kids can make it together in the kitchen or you can do it yourself every single and when you or your partner or your kid make it together you're going to love the feel even better so before you know that the whole family is gonna start eating healthy food.

D) Study healthy choices

So what I mean is that you can still actually came sweet muffin begins to eat brownies. What you need to do is figure out something healthy choices.

So for example in bacon butter can be easily replaced by avocado or applesauce and so in cooking a lot of times.

If you can use cooking spray rather than olive oil your cooking they can quickly trim down the calorie and you still can enjoy the food that you love so. 

E) Your food should be abundant

What I mean by that is I like fast food or jump from there typically our calorie dance. So they don't say you as much because they don't contain much fiber in your body a lot of times.

Your stomach is full from the volume a lot of times. So what you can do is you can still pick up your favorite junk food up or favorite process high-calorie in schools.

So one example is yoga posture seems to be a little bit higher calorie and so why don't you go with? Let's say cheese if you love cheese just cut a one-ounce cheese which is a typical serving size.

It may not seem a lot but if you actually strip but work kind of does things like this. It becomes a lot of cheese.

Stop, so it fits your lifestyle just like anything else in your life your career relationship things never go smoothly. So let's say if you happen to go your calorie you go over. 

Your mouth will go. Does that matter it's your life you need to go fast tomorrow so don't get hung up on a bad day of anyone or even a bad week?

Because it's your new life now you can go back the next week or anytime so learn to enjoy lighting and occasionally entertain on that cheesecake.

Entertain in the chocolate that balancing like the quiet is what's going to help you to stay and help you for the rest of your life.

Share this up if you especially can find this article to be helpful. Share with your friends and family like I always say to all sharing and loving and caring and so also.

Stay Healthy!!!

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