How to be aesthetic | My six ways will make you symmetrical |

How to be aesthetic | My six ways will make you symmetrical |

Do you want to look more aesthetic than what are you waiting for?

You have to be because you deserve...

Gentlemen, I gotta hand it to you. You have been crushing it lately I'm talking your style your grooming your personal presentation is super.

OnPoint I'm talking next-level incredible actually after this article you're gonna be looking next-level incredible because today we are talking about how to be the more aesthetic look.

And hear the term aesthetic all the time right and bodybuilding statics loosely translated means balanced and symmetrical it's all about symmetry and developing a balanced.

Mazique your shoulders are too big your legs aren't too skinny which is why we have to work legs even though they suck ass static equals more attractive and there are some things that you can do in order to look more aesthetic in your clothes.

So in this article, I'm going over six easy things which anybody can do to look more aesthetic.

Let's dig in...

A) Stabilize your body with color

Goal is symmetry the goal is balanced you want to make sure that your upper body looks proportionate to your lower body how you gonna do that by understanding the importance of color dark colors make you look smaller light colors bigger pants same thing light colors make you look larger dark colors make you look smaller so if you're trying to balance you need to understand how to mix and match the two options if you're somebody who is bottom heavy your lower body is bigger or larger than your upper body you want to go dark below light up top on the flip side if you're somebody who's real broad or larger up top maybe you're a big guy and you got small little skinny legs or you've just got a big upper body you probably want to rock something like this like down below dark up top this helps your body balance it's more symmetrical and you look more aesthetic.

B) Genuine shirt length

Gentlemen it's all about nailing the shirt length because here's the thing you want to make sure that your upper body is proportionate it's your lower body and the reason why I'm always like yelling about shirt let make sure it's right make sure it's right your shirts too long your upper body looks super long in your legs short and on the flip side if your shirt looks like a crop top our body looks super long and your upper body looks super short it's about balance and about being even and so what you should look for when it comes to a t-shirt is mid t-shirts mid crotch but button ups should be an inch longer than a t-shirt really boils down to the four zone rule there are four crotch zones a zone 1 zone 2 zone 3 and zone for t-shirts shipped ballin zone 2 while button ups in zone 3 if anything falls in 1 or 4 it's not right what about this shirt what do you think exactly zone 4 which means it must be tucked there you go right yeah just like that right sure it's never too long tuck.

C) Kill muffin top

Muffin tops make you look sloppy and heavier. kkandjay are good to keep your shirt tucked all day. You need a pair of kkandjay in your wardrobe. They have for all stylish men as you will automatically look better than everyone else while wearing these. Gentle tension keeps you all tucked all day long, attached to your shirt tails and socks. This is why the military looks put together and taut and now kkandjay has perfected them. The more you buy, the more you save.

D) Use a T-shirt collars in a proper way

Look, If you have narrow shoulders then it looks better in light-colored v-neck and if you have big broad shoulders, you can get away with a crew neck. This helped me to make collars in a proper way.

E) Use pants which are tailored and slim fit 

One of the reasons why all keep talking about slim fit slim fit simply say that five times fast slim fit is because you want to make sure that you don't have a bunch of bagging and puddling around your ankle because it breaks the visual illusion or the upside down triangle which is more aesthetic member it's all about balance you got to make sure upper body big lower body small but proportion the shirt on tie.

F) Dress tailored and slim fit pants

The only people that should be wearing and horizontal stripes are dudes that are thin if you are a bigger guy it makes you look so much larger because once again the eye travels across making you appear larger if you're a big dude like this it's making you look like two times bigger because of the color super bright super loud and also the stripes horizontal instead go with something like this it's a darker color it's also got a smaller subtle pattern and not something that's huge or you can always go with the solid dark blues dark blacks dark grays always look incredible thinking of incredible you're freaking incredible and now hopefully after this article you understand the of being symmetrical and balanced so that you always look aesthetic.

Go On Gentleman Try It Good Luck!!!

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