How to attract a girl | Women

How to attract a girl | Women

What's up, handsome man? Adi is here...

What I would talk to her I just don't know what to say what if I say something stupid I get nervous.

Stop when it comes to attracting what you saying what comes out of your mouth is less important than how you act how you present yourself in the nonverbal communicating that you're doing.

And today I gonna help you knock it out of the spicy girl part today we are going over the top five ways to attract women whatever you're into without speaking the greatest way to attract a woman without even having to talk is your style.

It's about style nowhere is the great news your style doesn't need to be flashy it doesn't need to be flamboyant you don't need to wear the latest and greatest trends and super expensive things.

Let's see what are they...

A) Upgrade your style

Upgrading your style is grab a trash bag and head it to your wardrobe now what I want you to do is go through piece by piece by piece and actually try things on and see what fits you what doesn't fit you this is a disaster.

I got empty hires I got jeans that I haven't worn in like 17-18 months I got shirts that don't fit gentlemen here is the deal one year if you haven't worn something in a year chances are you're not gonna wear it in the next 12 months.

Grab that trash bag fill it up and donate it to charity if you purge your wardrobe then it's time to analyze where are you deficient where are the holes in your wardrobe and then you're gonna go shopping.

And start replacing systematically than needed items what I'd recommend is start with the items that are going to give you the best style so like jeans if you need new jeans to start there because you can wear them with a lot of different outfits.

Over time over the course of a year, you are going to rebuild an incredibly stylish and sexy wardrobe one that gets attention the other style hack that I'll give you is pay attention to the mannequins.

When you're shopping in a store you go in and you're gonna see like complete ensembles right these mannequins are addressed by professional stylists usually women and they know that yo this looks good and so if you're looking to up your style and you don't know where to start go to a store look at the mannequin grab an associate and get her to help you build that look.

B) Body language

Language is so incredibly important bad eye contact good eye contact bad smile good smile bad walk good walk a lot of us were not born with confidence sexy body language but if you work on it you develop it.

You can master body language but you got to pay attention you got to be aware because if you're not you're gonna fall back into old habits.

You would be amazed at how many guys I see that have absolutely horrible unsexy body language when guys are confident and they're walking and they're talking and they're engaging in a confident manner and it will automatically raise their sexiness.

C) Smell Beautiful

You want to automatically raise your attraction level from like a five and a half to like a thirteen point seven smell beautiful.

This means that you need to use the odorant you need to shower you also need to find a signature scent you are somebody who wants to smell beautiful wants to experience different incredible fragrances.

D) Friends

Yes, your friends are going to do the work for you and Adi why you've always hit me with the social proof.

I don't have friends so it doesn't work for me, gentlemen, I got you covered what I would recommend you do in order to build a better friend network along with some incredible social proof and pictures is join a rec sport league like softball or kickball ruining or any some type of intramural sports team that is co-ed.

In my opinion, is a great way to get actively get social to meet a lot of people and get a lot of social proof because everybody takes tons of pictures right so you'll be able to sort of like chop the system you'll meet some incredible people and possibly a spicy girl.

E) Confident

Now you're like yo thanks bang mind-blowing if I was confident I wouldn't need all this I'd be able to walk up and just start talking gentlemen here's the deal.

I'm gonna give you a tip a trick number one subscribe to Makemylifebetternow by pressing bell icon near left corner.

Number two do things that are kind for other people like opening the door giving up your seat possibly buying somebody behind your coffee like you regularly doing small gestures of kindness.

This automatically and instantaneously gives your brain a little Poppa dopamine a little confidence jolt because it feels so freakin good doing something nice for other people the more you do it the more popping of dopamine you're getting the more confident you become.

The confidence that you get from helping other people isn't enough I got another by-product of you being kind and generous and helping other people will possibly see you doing nice things and automatically they see you doing nice things they think you're more attractive it's a big win for you and for her to get attracted toward you.

Hope you enjoyed this article and don't forget to share with everyone.

Goodbye Gentleman!!!

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