7 ways to earn more respect | Be a hero in everyone's eye

7 ways to earn more respect | Be a hero in everyone's eye

The respect we all want it but are you willing to do what it takes to get it?

Hey there!!!

I'm Aditya Kumbhojkar from Makemylifebetternow and today it's all about respect and my 7 ways to ensure that you get it all right so first you need to understand that respect is not automatic.

 And it is not guaranteed it's something that you have to earn and it all starts with respecting yourself, okay if you don't respect yourself you can't expect other people to respect you they'll sense it and treat you accordingly.

So, In this article, I'm gonna give tips on how to earn respect...

A) Hold pride in your look

I mean your health I mean your grooming I mean your style by taking pride in your own packaging you're giving the message to the outside world you dress like crap your pants hanging down off your ass with your underwear show and guess what this is sending a message to the world about yourself worth that you don't care so why should they breathe tanks hairs not comb gentlemen people notice and are going to treat you accordingly.

B) Claim for your faith 

By expressing your true feelings even when the true feelings are different than your friends and peers now this step is probably in my opinion one of the most difficult steps to truly understand because so many times we get caught up in this herd mentality we don't want to rock the boat and we're afraid to tell people what we really think even if what they're making is wrong and what you feel is absolutely right. Yes, gentlemen, you need to be an independent thinker in order to command respect.

C) Speak politely

Say please and say thank you and clean up your language there is no need for excessive use of profanity when you're cursing all the time guess what you sound unintelligent and ignorant and you know what happens you do that people automatically tune you out you do not need to curse in order to get your point across.

D) Don't be so impulsive 

Now here is not something that is easy to do but what I encourage you to do is practice thinking prior to reacting so many times when you get into a tense situation people automatically snap they react they don't think they don't process exercise and develop emotional discipline now this takes practice but the more that you practice the more of an edge you have over everybody else who is emotionally tense.

E) Respect everyone

Now the golden rule you've heard it for years you've heard it since you've been little everybody's like oh I treat everyone the way that you want to be treated it sounds simple right but gentlemen I'm here to tell you respect is a two-way street if you don't show everyone respect and consideration for their views or feelings don't expect them to respect you or yours the deal is we don't have to agree with people we don't have to see things eye-to-eye are on the same level but the fact is you need to respect where they're coming from and try to understand you may not okay you may come to the conclusion that they're batshit crazy but at the end of the day you listened and you tried to understand and guess what they're going to respect you for respecting them another aspect of respecting everyone is don't badmouth people don't talk behind somebody's back if you've got a problem if you've got an issue if you've got something you need to say to somebody say it you can do it in a respectful manner that enables communication as opposed to backstabbing gossip.

F) Keep your word

If you say you're going to do something do it and if you don't, don't lie about it be upfront and honest as to why you didn't and last but certainly not.

G) Always try best and hard

It doesn't matter if it's not something exciting it doesn't matter if it's something that you're kind of bored with the fact is gentlemen you need to try your hardest at all times by doing this you're going to be amazed at the improved productivity in all areas of your life don't settle for mediocrity now you may not be the best at something and you may try your hardest then it might suck but you know what it's okay you gave it your all and that's what counts another component to the respect equation is that all-important first impression.

Our society needs a serious attitude adjustment and it all starts with you and me. So, respect yourself respect others this world needs role models are you man enough to be one I hope so...

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