How to train your brain to stop binge eating and lose your weight

How to train your brain to stop binge eating and lose your weight
Imagine a guy or a woman walking on a road and his or her fat tummy is seen by many folks and when folks notice it and he or she feels awkward and shy and now that tummy guy or girl maybe you. so how you gonna fix this? no idea don't worry I'm here to help you...

In this article, I'm gonna share how to reprogram your brain working of the brain and my experience of how I lose my weight and how I stop binge eating food.

So, Let's Get Started...

Into My Story

So how did I stop a binge eating? I lost 10 kg just by using the mind trick that I'm gonna share with you folks today. I lost 10 kg within 30 days within one month to actually end up looking lean this okay now you folks will be thinking really is this real is this legit this is a sled it as it gets right so and the reason behind that is because actually when I was growing up there was this like habit formed and I didn't even know it happened to happen in this subconscious mind when my family member used to always say you have to finish your food and when you don't finish your food they say to think of some kids who don't get food  then you know I never clocked on to actually even if I finished the food the kids still don't get a piece of it  right but then this is kind of something that's said in society and it became a part of me so I always had to finish everything on the plate and I couldn't stop myself from eating and I didn't figure out what it was but I realize that there's something in the framing and when we can reframe the mind reprogram the mind everything starts it's a shift so we're gonna dive deep...

Understanding Working Of Brain?

I'm gonna share with you this mind trick so you can start changing your life around if you want to lose some weight shed some but build some muscle and you're trying to get yourself into a routine and give yourself this ass-kicking and how to actually not procrastinate anymore this will help you all change your whole reality the same mind trick the same mind the technique to actually do this reframing so actually get yourself to actually go to the gym and not procrastinate anymore okay, so the secret starts by understanding the brain okay so if we have the brain and we take the brain we need to understand these important parts of the brain crucial part to our daily actions the first part right is called the hippocampus which is in charge of the short and long term memory the second part on the stem of our brain is called the amygdala.

Which is in charge of the emotions now why is this crucial to us binge eating right there is nothing we practice without reason there is nothing we do without reason there is deep down a why behind why we do certain things right and so in the past I used to keep eating eating eating eating eating and I couldn't stop I would be like I'm eating too much and I'm getting really full even like tummy's exploding and I'm still feeling like why do I feel like I still need to finish the food and the reason behind it is deeper than what you understand this because in our mind somewhere if you remember back in the day there will be a time maybe during your upbringing where you felt oh you were rewarded for finishing your food think about it now right.

Yes, I can almost be certain there was a time where you were rewarded or you got a smile from your teachers a gold star from good teachers you got something from your parents where it was like well do you finish your food now throughout that is programming because of how our mind remembers things locks it into the short or long-term memory is it remembers based on emotions when you are rewarded that's a pleasure emotion attachment to finishing your food or eating more well done you're

eating more think about that now you'll be able to find it if you dig deep enough into the past that happened at some point now what happens is that logs into your long-term memory and for some the reason deep down rooted in there you.

Feel pleasure for finishing your food and you don't even know why that is even though you're feeling pain in your stomach right so what do we need to do and how did I shift it and stop binge eating and actually get this whole body transformation or even health transformation okay because it's not healthy to eat like crazy amounts like that okay what I did is what we call acognitive reframe so that's the mind.

How To Fix This By Reprogramming Brain?

A trick I want to share with you folks and exactly how to do it is like this so imagine right now every time deep down inside is linked whenever you finish the food there is some pleasure emotional attachment there and you don't even know what's happening because it's in the subconscious what do we need to do is very simple next time when you get a plate of food okay because we actually know when we are feeling not hungry anymore so we would eat when we eat after eating what do we do very simple we, while we're eating when we feel like I'm not actually hungry.

 I'm eating for the sake of eating now what we do at this moment, are we do a cognitive reframe the pleasure to a pain emotion so what we do is this or the pain - a pleasure an emotion so if you were like me I used to get told off for not finishing my food right so now I'm gonna shift the reframing so what I do is I feel like oh I'm no longer hungry so what I do is I shift the pain to the pleasure so I close my eyes I visualize right while I push this plate away I visualize some pleasure emotion to kick off so I would push it away and I will visualize this is a good feeling I'll feel if you need to feel it this is a good feeling this is like ripped body six-pack oh that's good I feel so confident Wow pleasure pushing this plate away feel it feel health feel more energy in my life while I'm pushing it away feel it.

Amplify the emotions the more you. Amplify the emotions the more it will be locked into the subconscious mind breath open your eyes the moment you do that you relate pushing the food away right a pleasure emotion rather than a painful emotion which was what was logged in in the past right and then if that doesn't help and you still feel I need to finish it Wow if you pick up the fork again or the spoon again what you want to do is log in they're a pain right so you can close your eyes you can think of the worst pain amplify that so that could be bad health that could be diseases that could be something like I don't want you to amplify this and that's why we don't want to go into that instead we want to focus more on the pleasure so at that point is I totally interrupted.

I don't want to go there drop the spoon don't amplify that emotion go back into pleasure feel it good feeling beautiful amazing what will happen is the first three or four times when you do that it will still be uncomfortable you'll be like this isn't working I'm not really feeling it like I still want to finish the food okay but remember this we are creatures of habit so what actually happens is you will find one two three-time will not be normal you will feel uncomfortable four five six seven eight nine ten tenth time by one week later two weeks later three weeks later every time you push away you'll naturally feel good and you don't even know what happened you just feel good you'll feel like no I'm finished so you'll eat with your friends and you'll be like actually I'm full I don't need to finish this and you'll naturally feel good without even visualizing why because you have been successful within one week reprogram their mind and when you do that then you get into the state of consciousness and understanding to be able to lose weight stop binge eating and I guess to get into shape or get ripped or whatever you want to do okay and everything is the same when you want to go to the gym it's the same thing right now you might have a pain emotional to it you want to shift it to pleasure so everything happens in the same way folks.

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